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"The Troublemakers"

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Written by Maya Patel

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Aura is fed up with her sisters garnering the attention of their parents. Always acting up and getting their own way, Aura is on a mission to expose their naughty ways. Things don't quite go her way though when her sisters, Mystic and Athena, perform a spell that goes horribly wrong.

Will Aura be able to reverse the spell and undo the trouble caused?

Or will the family be in trouble forever, thanks to the naughty twins and their troublemaking ways?

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About the Author

Maya is an eleven year old avid reader and enthusiastic writer. At school Maya’s favorite subject is art, but it narrowly beats the others, in her spare time she loves to read and enjoys painting as well. 

Maya is not to sure yet as to what she wishes to study when she leaves school, but she enjoys baking a lot and to make the world a better place, Maya would love to plant trees in the right places, and have them live; unlike the other plants she has tried to keep alive in the past, all to make the world a better place. 

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