New York City and the Trouble of Identity

By Meha Parshotam

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Apparently Journalism 'comes at a price'. I didn't quite understand what that even meant until I was faced with my own dilemma. Who to trust and what to believe? My journey to find the identity of a local figure revealed so much more about my own perceptions.

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About the Author

Meha is an eleven year old Author from Dubai, UAE. Her favourite subject at school is Drama and STEAM.

Meha also enjoys writing and learning enhanced vocabulary through reading new books.

To relax, Meha enjoys watching Netflix, drawing and sketching. She is a very talented digital graphics artist. 


When Meha finishes her studies, she hopes to study law to help people with their life decisions.

To make the world a better place, Meha believes greatly in the moral that one should teach a person

to fish so that they can fish for the rest of their life and provide for oneself.