"Year Five Adventures!"

Anna's first day at School

By Meriem Labchiri

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Anna is ready for her first day of Year Five, and she has no idea of what to expect.

With a new teacher and a new class full of brand new friends,

Anna is hopeful that Year five will be just as fun as the year before.

Join Anna and her friends on her new experiences of year Five.

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About the Author

Meriem is a ten year old young Author based in Abu Dhabi.

An avid reader and writer, Meriem has dreamt of writing and publishing her own book series for as long as she can remember. 

At school, Meriem’s favorite subject is English and when she leaves school, she wishes to continue her publishing journey.

In her spare time, Meriem loves to play sport and she also loves to relax by playing animal crossing and roblox. She also loves to make slime. 

To make the world a better place, Meriem believes that helping the needy and the poor is a very important thing to do.