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"Scuba Savers"

By Miraya Dhamecha

       Illustrated by Andrea Pollard

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Impatient and excited to see the enticing marine life up close, twins Olivia and Simon went on holidays to learn how to scuba dive and enjoy a family adventure.

Their holidays were wonderful until Olivia and Simon witnessed the horrid truth that lied beneath the ocean's surface.

Come and scuba with Olivia and Simon as they go on a journey of their own; a mission that will not only change their lives, but the lives of the creatures in the deep blue sea.

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About the Author

Miraya is a fabulously charismatic eleven-year old dubai-based writer.

She enjoys creating and writing short stories and in the Summer of 2021 decided to publish a story that was of great importance to her love for the environment and scuba diving.

Miraya’s favourite subjects at school are English, Mathematics, Music, Computing, PE and Art. She loves to read, scuba dive, do gymnastics and

ride horses. When she leaves school, Miraya would love study to

become a Marine Biologist or a Pilot.

To make the world a better place,

Miraya would do everything in her control to stop pollution. 

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