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"The Mouse In My Chest"
- A Journey of Inspiration -

Written by
        Misha Ali

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Do you know about the MOUSE who LIVES in your chest?

That CHEEKY creature that scampers around your heart gnawing at your CONFIDENCE, making your heart beat FASTER every time you are faced with a CHALLENGING SITUATION,

or face the UNKNOWN, or tread NEW paths…Its only MISSION is to make you believe:


Want to know how YOU can BEAT that RASCAL?

Between these covers is the story of a young girl who takes on various AVATARS

to finally put this little devil in his right place.



"Misha's challenges growing up are reminiscent of what we all experience when we feel

self-doubt find its way in our hearts, but what she has created as a result of taming that mouse in her chest is truly phenomenal and an inspiration for young children who

struggle to find their voice".

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

(Renowned journalist, filmmaker and activist)


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About the Author

Motivational Speaker. Passionate Debater. Well-being warrior. Misha Ali is all of these and more. At the mere age of ten, Misha is wise beyond her years, having conquered many fears and worries, learning from each daunting experience to emerge stronger and more resilient. Setting and achieving goals despite her fears, giving credit to those that helped her through difficult times, Misha felt compelled to tell her story and her learnings at each phase of her life, hoping to inspire myriads of children (and adults too!) that tread uncertain waters in an ever-changing social landscape fraught with its own rules and dynamics.


On one side a wise soul, and the other a regular ten-year old, Misha enjoys going to school embracing all areas of the curriculum with equal gusto, with Maths and Science being her favourite subjects. Her hobbies include reading on her Kindle, writing, playing video games and socialising with friends. Misha thoroughly enjoys playing Netball, Swimming, and loves travelling to explore different places and cultures. 

Upon leaving school, Misha would love to be a Detective to solve mysteries and help others. Through her writing endeavours, Misha hopes to provide support to schools and children through her motivational initiatives, public speaking and philanthropy work. 

So, who is Misha Ali? An ordinary girl with an extra-ordinary mission: to inspire and motivate everyone to embrace life with all its challenges and to emerge stronger and happier! 

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