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"The Hamster that
was too Little"

Written by Nadia Awad

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Sweet Pea was a tiny domestic hamster. Having only ever lived inside her cage within

her owners' cottage, Sweet Pea had never experienced the outside world.

Until one day when she escaped from her warm home, in search of something new.

Will Sweet Pea be too timid to take on the new world full of threats. danger and predators?

or will she find her brave self in her journey and discover a world of beauty and wonder.


eBook now available
on Kindle

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About the Author

Nadia is a twelve year old Dubai-based Author.

She has aspired to write and publish her own book for a long time.

At school, Nadia’s favourite subject is English and her favourite hobbies are netball,

art and playing with her pets.

To make the world a better place, Nadia would love to invent new designs,

technology and concepts to help the world advance.

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