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"Dark Rainbow"

Written by
     Naina Gupta

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Sixteen year old Ernaline is conflicted with her past, and unimpressed with much of her existence.

After discovering a relic with significant scientific importance, her mother was chosen to fly with NASA to Mars to further research her find.

... at least that is what Ernaline believed.


Ernaline's search for answers leads her to something more sinister and dark, beyond her comprehension. She finds answers, but they are far from what she expected and desired.

Will Ernaline be able to understand the truth that prevails and can she carry on with the events that have occurred?


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About the Author

An Indian native, who currently lives in Dubai with her older sister and parents. This is her debut novel which she wrote in seventy days at the age of nine. When she’s not writing, she enjoys traveling, swimming and listening to music.

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