I'm Done

By Natalie Yasmineh

Victoria thought that her life was pretty normal. She lived a pretty average and non-drama filled life with good grades and great friends, until one day when a sudden involuntary outburst dramatically changed her previously safe existence, her relationships and her confidence.


After her struggle to make sense of her new-found situation, despite bouts of torment and intimidation, Victoria goes in search for answers, forgiveness and most of all, her self-assurance. Will she need to just exist with her afflictions and suffer through her pain?or will she prevail through self discovery and self-acceptance?

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About the Author

Natalie is fourteen years old and lives in Dubai, UAE. 

At school, Natalie’s favourite subjects are English and Social Studies. In her spare time, Natalie enjoys boxing and ballet and she loves fashion and relaxing watching videos and movies.

When Natalie finishes her studies, she wishes to become and Author and a Fashion Stylist. 

Inspired through her reading, Natalie created this passionate story, an account by which many people do actually suffer. 

To make the world a better place, Natalie would like to influence and help others by bringing positivity into the world, through writing, dancing and fashion.