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The Brain That Recovers

Fascinating Facts About the Brain and How It Can Overcome Concussions

By Nora Fotuhi

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In this exciting book, Nora Fotuhi, the founder and president of Concussion Superstar organization, teaches you how you can tap into your brain’s innate healing ability to expedite your recovery from concussions and get back to your usual level of brain functions quickly.


You will also learn about:

  • 20 most fascinating facts about the brain

  • The basic concepts about the brain and how it works, explained in simple terms

  • The difference between left-dominant vs right-dominant brains

  • How concussions can cause injury to different parts of the brain

  • Guidelines about management of the immediate and short-term issues after a concussion 

  • Successful strategies in dealing with concussion symptoms at school, sports, and work

  • Recommended interventions for prevention of concussions in different sports

  • Best ways for boosting the levels of the most important molecule for natural healing and recovery in the brain, called BDNF

  • Six steps for recovering from concussion symptoms that have lasted for weeks, months, or even years

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About the Author

Nora Fotuhi is the president of Concussion Superstars, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating children and young adults about the dangers of traumatic brain injury. She has given several workshops about the impact of concussion to the brain and how our brain has innate mechanisms for recovery after any form of injury. Nora is fascinated about how our brain makes us who we are and how we have the capacity to improve the health and fitness of our brain at any time – just the same way we have the capacity to boost the health and fitness of our body at any time. 

Nora is now pursuing a career in neurology and has already completed some courses at NOVA, Georgetown University and Harvard University.


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