"The Revenge of
                     the School Ghost"

Written and Illustrated by
              Olivia Henderson

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Maple is an ordinary student at Hoovington High School. But something is not so ordinary about her school. She is convinced that there is a ghost playing pranks

on the students, and the teachers.

Maple decides to try and track down the ghost to find out what was happening in

her school. She cannot allow the pranks to continue wreaking havoc on the school.

Will Maple find out the truth to the pranks,

and the mystery behind who was doing them?

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*coming     soon
for South Africa and elsewhere.

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About the Author

Olivia is a fabulously imaginative, bright and charismatic nine year old Dubai-based Author.


At school, Olivia’s favourite subject is Art and some of her favourite hobbies

are swimming, sewing and drawing.


In her spare time, she loves to hang out with her neighbours and have fun with her sisters and family. To make the world a better place, Olivia wishes to encourage peace around the world through kindness.