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"Dragon Tail:
The Rise of the SunClaws"

By Olivia Rennie 

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Tralvasia is a small part of the world, unknown to humans. Exotic beings lived there but the most fierce and feared animals of all were the four dragon tribes; the DesertClaws, FrostClaws, MountainClaws and OceanClaws.

The once beautiful Tralvasia has seen much battle and destruction in recent times amongst the various dragon tribes with dangerous and deadly ultimatums given to others; join forces or suffer brutality from merciless rulers. But there are others waiting for their chance to defend their own honour and rise against the brutality.


Will the murderous leaders of the hostile forces prevail or will life in Tralvasia become peaceful and harmonious once again with a new breed of loyalty and honour?

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About the Author

Olivia is a twelve year old Dubai-based avid reader and enthusiastic writer. At school, her favorite subject is Literacy, and in her spare time, she loves to read, write, draw, play board games and perform acrobatics. 


Dragon Tail-The Rise of the SunClaws, is remarkably, Olivia’s first published book, her first novel, and the first book in the series of Dragon Tail. Olivia’s passion and expertise in literature and creative writing is evident in this creative piece, treating the reader to an emotive and powerful narrative.


Upon leaving school, one of Olivia’s goals is to be a successful published Author and to make the world a better place, she would focus on prevention of pollution and deforestation. 

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