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An Enigma

Written by P. A. Jaksic         

Illustrated by N. A. Jaksic

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Do you know the Roman Big Three Gods?

Did you know this story walks you through the

withering pathway of their descendants?

Come and see for yourself. Peyton, Neya and Joanna,

all siblings questionable.

One neglected mansion.

Their family is unknown.

The stories are yet untold.


But can they make it out?

And stay alive?

To witness the pitiful answers.

Overall, one sea of the enigma’s questions.


Read and find the clues!

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About the Author

P. A. Jaksic is a thirteen-year-old Dubai-based Author, who enjoys baking, netball, reading and spending time with her friends and family.


At school, her favourite subjects are Languages and Art.  


Looking to the future, P. A. Jaksic hopes to pursue a career in medicine to become a Paediatrician and to make the world a better place, she believes in creating a world where having fun is mandatory. 

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