So, Your Child wants to become a Published Author?
In the Classroom

 Young Author Package


The "Young Author Package" is ideal for

anyone who loves to write stories and who 

wishes to publish their short story or novel.... 

.... of any age

We have some different options to make your child's dream come true...

Kids in Art Class
Our 10-week Workshops

Attend the Workshops and Become a Published Author 

Girl at School
Send us Your Story


If your child has already

written a story...


"Become a Published Author"

Laptop Writing
Join our Online Programme





Coming Soon...


How to encourage your child to complete their Story?

 If your child has a passion for writing, let them write at their own pace. 

Sometimes, however, children do need to be encouraged with some coercion,

with the aim to foster the dedication and commitment which creates the sense of task completion. 

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