The Magical Friendship Bracelet

By Rafael Daniella  

         Valdez Gabinete


How far will you go to protect your best friend Are you loyal enough to stand up for him/her Will you kick a bully in the butt and get suspended from school Or roundhouse kick a zombie just to save your best friendJoin the magical adventure of two best friends, Daniella and Yuna, as they take on an unexpected action-packed journey with lots of twists and turns.

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About the Author

Rishi is an eleven year old, highly imaginative and passionate young writer who loves to create and write stories.

At school, Rishi’s favourite subjects are Mathematics and Science. 

Rishi loves to play sports; soccer, swimming and other physical activities and in his spare time, he loves to relax by listening to music and watching movies and tv. 

Rishi’s dream is to be a professional footballer. It’s in his blood to be an entrepreneur and he would love to be a ‘social entrepreneur;, one who can make a difference in this world. 

Rishi would try to make the world a better place by encouraging sustainable living.