"The Guardians of the Jewel"

and the search for Arion

Written by
      Raina Surtani

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It was school holidays for Maya and Isabelle and their family had planned a long-awaited vacation. Three weeks of fun in the sun.
Their parents had booked a summer camp for them in the woods. Something not out of the ordinary, but what Maya and Isabelle did not know was this was to be no ordinary summer camp.

What awaited them in the woods would see their lives changed forever. Magical gems, force fields and mysterious caves will test their strength, courage and beliefs.

Will Maya and Isabelle return safely to their parents, or will they be forever stuck in a world full of mystery and possible danger.

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About the Author

Raina is a highly imaginative and creative nine year old India-based author. She is passionate about reading and is often found with a book in every nook and corner of the house. She’s conceptualised and compiles a newsletter every month for the community she lives in. This is her first attempt at writing a complete book.


Raina studies in The Shri Ram School, Aravali and is currently in Grade Four. Her favorite subject is English.


She is a very active girl and has many interests - She is learning to play the Piano, training in western classical Music and Kathak, a classical Indian dance form. Theatre, dogs and horse riding are her other passions. She’s a complete ‘Drama’ and a constant entertainment for everyone around her!