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"Double Freedom"

Written and Illustrated by Rayyan Areg Habayeb

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The dark sky, filled with clouds, the sounds of rifles shooting. Outside the wall, there was a clear sign of war, but on the inside, you couldn’t tell the town was under siege.

The Confederate Army arrived to protect the town. Parents ran to their children to make sure they were ok, including ours. Amidst the chaos, we ran through the town, between the crashing pillars of marble in the Town Hall. I looked up at the confederate flag flying high up on the Town Hall for the last time. Sadly, it was in flames.

The last resort to safety was off in the distance.

On the shore. In all its glory. Adorned with a different flag. 
Will we risk it all in search for freedom?
Or will we stay to fight the war?

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About the Author

Born in 2011 in Montreal, Canada, to two caring, fun and supportive parents, Rayyan loves cooking, drawing, writing and spending time with friends and family, and at school, his favourite subjects are Math and English. 

With Lebanese, Palestinian, and Armenian roots, that he is very proud of, Rayyan’s support within his family is strong and caring. Without his parents’ support and encouragement, he does not foresee how he could have written and published this book. 

Rayyan’s belief in giving back to his community is important; by using his voice to project to the world the hardships many people are going through. This could be hunger, thirst, poverty, lack of education, or other things underprivileged people are going through. He believes that “when you cannot go out there and help people directly, you should at least do your best to influence people who can go help, to do so.” 


His book could be a way of doing this. It could educate some people on how harsh, brutal, and downright disgusting slavery really was, and hard it was for slaves at the time when it was legal in the United States. By taking advantage of publicity, it is possible to spread a positive message, or to help others in need.

Rayyan is very open-minded with his future career options. He would enjoy being a Chef, or a full-time Author or maybe even a Politician. Rayyan does love acting and his interest of becoming an Actor certainly provides inspiration and possibility but by pursuing all of these interests, when the time comes, he will have experience and exposure to be able to make the right decision on his career choice (or choices).



“Age is just a number. Do not be afraid to follow your dreams because you think you are too young, because most of the time, it is not your capabilities that are stopping you from success, but your mindset.”

- Rayyan Areg Habayeb

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