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The Avid World of Reyansh

Written by
   Reyansh Surani 

REyansh author photo.jpeg

This book is based on a true story…

... of events that not all happened but are indeed inspired by real life interests and to some degree, ideas and day-dreams.

This fantastical story takes you through adventures, inspirational stories and even a little few fictional-spy encounters.


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About the Author

Indian born Reyansh Surani is an enthusiastic, Dubai based Young Author. At ten years old, Reyansh is an avid reader and writer with his favourite school subject being Science. Reyansh is a certified scuba diver, is excellent at sports: running, skiing, parkour, and is also a passionate and proficient pianist.

Reyansh’s enthusiasm shines through his writing and learning, and his creativity and imagination is revealed  through this fantasy adventure-based story, that also emulates some truths in Reyansh’s real word.


Engrained in him from birth and his home country are the distinct values for education, diligence, strive for excellence; coupled with humility and utmost respect. 

Reyansh’s most notable accomplishment thus far is achieving the prominent Guinness World Record  Title for “The World’s Youngest Certified Yoga Teacher,” at the age of nine. His mission is to impart this ancient and beneficial practice to the metaverse.

Reyansh loves living an adventurous and exploratory lifestyle; enjoying travelling around the world to imbibe and learn about other cultures. Kind and empathetic, Reyansh is committed to various philanthropic activities that resonate with his personal belief that all humanity is one spirit.

Upon leaving school, Reyansh hopes to study to become a Doctor or an Engineer. Either way, he hopes to either help save people’s lives or help design places that people would like to stay.

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