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"Adam's Time To Be"

Written by
     R. G. Surgeon

Rayan Author Picture.jpeg

Adam is about to turn ten years old. He is aware of the almost supernatural abilities that he will soon possess.

The magical legacy in his family had determined his fate.

Upon turning ten, he was looking forward to turning into a hybrid; just like his ancestors did. Adam's choice of hybrid was a half-human / half-lion, 

The day had come and all did not turn out as anticipated for Adam.

His excitement suddenly turned into mystery and panic.

Will Adam's transformation be successful in the end or does he transform into something very unexpected?


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About the Author

Rayan is a charismatic and very thoughtful and talented eight year old Dubai-based young writer.


In the summer of 2021, he decided that he would write a fabulous story about spells, twists and friendship. After working incredibly hard to create a unique story, Rayan achieved his dream of becoming a published Author.

At school, Rayan’s favourite subjects are PE and Art and in his spare time, he loves to play football, play his flute, paint and draw. 


When he leaves school, Rayan would like to either be an Artist, a best selling Author or possibly even an Olympic Medalist. 

To make the world a better place, Rayan would promote less use of plastics, encourage the ban on using fossil fuels and spread happiness within our communities.

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