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"Paper Plane Memories"

Written and Illustrated by
              Risa Tham


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Five friends, Five years, Five paper planes, and one story...Paper planes glided across the sky.


While the rest watched them, one of them ran after his.Irene could not forget the look on his face when he returned back empty handed.Lost. Confused. Empty.

"Paper plane memories..."Irene said softly, clenching her fists.

"I'll definitely find a way to bring them back to us."

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About the Author

Risa is a sixteen year old writer, artist and now Author. Inspired greatly through literature and Manga Art, Risa devotes a lot of her spare time to drawing, sketching and writing short stories, poetry and quotations.


At school, Risa’s favourite subjects are Science,  English and Literature and in her free time,

she enjoys  playing the piano, ukulele, making animatics and watching anime.

When she leaves school, Risa wishes to pursue higher studies in the field of Science and Research as well as expanding her writing and art interest.

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