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"Clues to The Biancas'
Lost Heirloom"

Written by Rishabh Jain

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After being precariously kidnapped by a group of men in pursuit of a highly sought-after potion,

Mike was more determined than ever to unmask these thugs.

From erratically speeding through the streets of St-Petersburg with his kidnappers to launching into space under great duress, Mike was unsure of whether life had turned into one big nightmare or a real-life adventure that could uncover something extraordinary.

Will Mike's journey across the globe and his simultaneous affiliation with NASA

and the Federal Police be too much to take?

Or will something more mysterious be uncovered during this real-life game of cat and mouse?

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About the Author

Rishabh is a highly imaginative, passionate, and creative ten-year-old Dubai-based Author. He has aspired to write and publish his own book for a long time. 

At school, Rishabh’s favourite subject is English, and his favourite hobbies are reading and learning about car designs and engineering. 

Upon leaving school, Rishabh will of course continue his writing career, and is still deciding upon his career in Neurosurgery or Aircraft Engineering, with Emirates Airlines.

To make the world a better place, Rishabh would encourage the redistribution of the world’s resources and promote the end of poverty. 

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