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How One Key Changed my Life

By Rishi Vikas Batheja

Wilson was a typical eleven year old boy from England who one day had to relocate to Australia.Upon moving into his new house and starting a new school, Wilson had to make new friends and get used to a new country. One day after returning home from school, he witnessed a blinding light streaming out of his wardrobe. A light that held a mystery in the form of a key.Little did Wilson know that this key would be the start of an unbelievable new adventure, should he choose to accept it. A new adventure that would possibly drive him crazy, trying to complete. Will Wilson discover the truth behind the key or will he give up and surrender the treasure that it may hold.

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About the Author

Rishi is an eleven year old, highly imaginative and passionate young writer who loves to create and write stories.

At school, Rishi’s favourite subjects are Mathematics and Science. 

Rishi loves to play sports; soccer, swimming and other physical activities and in his spare time, he loves to relax by listening to music and watching movies and tv. 

Rishi’s dream is to be a professional footballer. It’s in his blood to be an entrepreneur and he would love to be a ‘social entrepreneur;, one who can make a difference in this world. 

Rishi would try to make the world a better place by encouraging sustainable living.

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