The Unstoppable Warrior

By Riyana Bhojwani

Athena was born with a secret. A secret that even she wasn't aware of.... yet. Until 11 years later, when Athena's favorite teacher, Mr Russle invited her to the museum to brighten her spirits and to introduce her to some archaeological artefacts. Something he knew she was fascinated with. That's when everything changed for Athena. Athena was thrust into an underworld of Warriors and Warrior Gods.... A world she came to know as Camp Athens!


Will Athena discover the secret about her?

Will she be welcome at Camp Athens or cast an outsider?

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About the Author

Riyana is eleven years old and lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  

With a remarkably vivid imagination, Riyana is also an avid reader and writer and enjoys creating stories with mythological and complex characters. At school, Riyana's favourite subject is English.  

To make the world a better place, Riyana would encourage activities to reduce and recycle plastics.

Riyana has received a Kenken Award. (Kenken being a Math grid-based puzzle competition). She has also received many awards to for her charity efforts and was rewarded the 'charity ambassador' of her school.