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"The Chosen One"
-Book 2-

By Safiya Jeraj

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Megan and Sofie are back with a brand new adventure and a new set of challenges. It has been two years since moving to England and after a long summer break, the girls are moving to Secondary School, St Opal's Secondary School for Girls.


With a new school, and what turns out to be new friends and foes, Sofie and Megan are set to have more adventures than they ever bargained for. Angel Shore is destined to become more complicated, and the magical world that was accessible to Megan and Sofie, is about to become a little more contentious.


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About the Author

Safiya is a highly imaginative, passionate, and creative eleven-year-old Dubai-based Author. Having published her second book, this sequel in her series of ‘Megan and Sofie’ has highlighted her passion and her love of literature.

At school, Safiya’s favourite subjects are PE (Physical Education) and DT (Design and Technology) and in her spare time, Safiya loves to read, draw and master her gymnastics.

Upon leaving school, Safiya would love to become an entrepreneur and start her own business. She would like to do something towards helping people and making the world a better place.

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