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"Witchy Elements"

By Sahana Ravi
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Two girls learn about their magical powers in elemental abilities and end up in one of the countries' most prestigious schools for Wizardry and Witchcraft.

The girls make friends and yes! Who can forget, many enemies!

From destroying Witches to finding new relatives, their journey is nothing short of a tremendous Magical water-led exploration of the five witchy elements and much more.


Immerse yourself in the corridors of The Magical School to uncover the adventures of Lisa & Sanchi.



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About the Author

Sarah is a fabulously imaginative ten-year old writer based in Dubai. She enjoys writing short stories.


Sarah's favourite subjects at school are English, PE and Music. She loves to swim and cook, and she is also a huge football fan.


Amongst many of her achievements, Sarah won 1st place in the heat of the Hamdan Swimming Competition in Dubai recently. When she leaves school, she may become a professional swimmer.


To make the world a better place, Sarah would raise awareness of the true importance of our planet’s well-being through creating a safer and cleaner place.

About the Author

Sahana is a ten year old Dubai-based Author. She has aspired to write and publish her own book for a long time.

Sahana is an avid reader and writer who enjoys reading books by various authors, particularly by Roald Dahl. She also loves to read and draw.

At school, Sahana’s favorite subjects are English, Drama and Arts. Her favorite hobbies are reading and cycling.

Sahana is also the recipient of the ‘Word Millionaire’ Award at School for having read nearly 4 million words worth of books in just one year!

To make the world a better place, Sahana would like to create more libraries for young readers, so that all young people would have the opportunity to read, enjoy and get enlightened!

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