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"The Adventures of Victor-ious"

Written by Sahil Sinai

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Victor stands on the brink of universal Kingship, yet his heart longs for a different path - one of peace and exploration. Supported by devoted friends who share his vision, they convince him to forsake his coronation and embark on a daring journey through diverse realms.

On the fateful day of his scheduled crowning, as Victor walks toward the throne, tragedy strikes and shatters the palace's tranquillity.

Subsequently, their imminent travels through various universes unfold with unexpected challenges, casting a shadow of uncertainty.


Will they emerge unscathed from the tempestuous trials that await?"



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-coming soon-

About the Author

Meet Sahil Sainani, a remarkable ten-year-old boy residing in the picturesque state of Colorado, USA. With a keen intellect and a heart full of compassion, Sahil shines as a bright and promising young individual. Sahil's interests are as diverse as his talents. He has a deep love for travel, with a thirst for exploring new places and cultures.

When not on the move, he can often be found at the piano, creating beautiful melodies, or simply enjoying music from a wide range of genres. Sahil is also an avid reader, with a voracious appetite for books that transport him to far-off worlds and ignite his imagination.


Cristiano Ronaldo stands as Sahil's role model, serving as a source of inspiration for his pursuit of excellence in all aspects of life. Sahil has a love for sports, particularly soccer, cricket, and swimming.

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