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The Inspiring Kid

By Saif Abdulla

Follow the story of the inspiring kid when he finds out what makes him and us all special, kindness, love, happiness and positivity.


The Inspiring Kid has a message for you all...

"Joy comes from knowing who you are and

why you are here."

Enjoy the beautiful words of wisdom and beauty from the Inspiring Kid in this story of hope.

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About the Author

Saying he’s a breath of fresh air is the ultimate understatement – he’s more like a gale-force wind of positivity, bringing smiles to the young and old in all that he does. 

A UAE national, Saif Abdulla, is a certified motivational speaker, a popular bilingual event host, a children’s book author and a former host of The Breakfast Club on Pearl 102 FM. Saif is on a mission to spread positivity and immense joy around the UAE through his beaming smile and larger than life personality. 

“I love visiting schools, universities, companies and interacting with the diverse community that make up our amazing United Arab Emirates. When not on air or on stage, I try to do this regularly as it allows me to learn from so many people and share a piece of me with them,” Abdulla said. 

His career behind the mic has been hugely successful, and has seen Saif head large events in the region for some of the biggest brands. A native UAE Arab speaker, Saif is one of the few fully bilingual personalities proficient in both English and the local Arabic dialect. 

With a dedicated approach to all that he does, Saif brings an incredible energy to every project he takes on.

His diverse skill set allows him to be versatile as a speaker and host, with a unique ability to

appeal to a wide age-range of audience. 

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