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"The Darkest Deth"

Written by Saif Rafique

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Hi, I’m Adison and I’m just your regular 13 year old kid with the casual family and friend. NOT.

My family is weird. And I mean weird. A rotten mother, a busy father, and for the cherry on top, an annoying little sister, who wants to fly so much, she turns into a demon.

Lately, strange events have been occurring. Time speeds up, zombies fall through portals.

On top of that, it doesn’t help that my best friend, Frank, is acting really peculiar. I was always out of the ordinary, but getting Dark Powers really changed my level of weirdness. It turns out that my ancestors discovered Dark Magic, and it was pretty cool to have Dark Powers, until I found out some ancient devil-man wanted my power.

My life is basically like playing my favorite video game: Galaxion 4: Rise Of The Space Ninjas. I have to face a bunch of mini-challenges to defeat the big boss and save my parents. So sit back and relax while I tell you the story about how my life turned upside down.



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About the Author

Saif is a ten year old living in Dubai with a passion for reading and an equal passion for learning. In his spare time, he loves to read but also loves to play drums.

Continuing on from his first book, “Enchantments & The Magic of Shadows, Books and Power”, Saif’s growth and creative imagination as a writer is evident through the intensity of character development and intelligent storytelling. 


Saif’s pursuit to further his writing continues and he wishes to contribute to a world that helps and supports younger people with little opportunity. 

At a young age, Saif developed a love for reading, and that gradually transitioned into a love for writing too. Saif wants to let the world know that education is vital for the human race.

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