Enchantments &

The Magic of Shadows, Books

and Power

By Saif Rafique

Saif Rafique Author Picture.jpeg

The Kingdom of Rivantia was under attack by a multitude of darkness and vicious threats.

Its people were desperate for help. In need of a miracle.

They needed a hero. Little did they know that one of their own would arise and embark on a quest to save his kingdom and its people from evil.

A quest that would test his bravery, determination, and heroism.


Calci faces the hardest of challenges to save his Kingdom and restore civility and freedom, even as an undeterminable amount of terror awaits him.

Will Calci make it back alive?

Will he save his kingdom in time, or will he lose the battle

as well as his beloved kingdom forever?

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About the Author

Saif is an eight year old boy living in Dubai with a passion for reading and a zest for learning.


What started as love for reading has developed into a love for writing and has a myriad of

intriguing ideas, mainly in fantasy and adventure stories.

With a fabulously positive attitude for life and learning, Saif called upon his intensely creative imagination and wrote his first book, enabling him to bring many of his original ideas together.

At school, Saif’s favourite subject is English and when he is older, he would like to spread the message for all to take better care of the environ- ment and to reduce pollution.