Sajini Varadharajan

Illuminated Anthological Crystals

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Imagine an anthology of beautiful, joyful, thought provoking and heartfelt poems to keep you wondering, dreaming and celebrating.

Every verse in this blossoming book will inspire and energise.

From love, celebrations, kindness to nature and day to day activities, Sajini intends to spread joy, encouragement, calmness and happiness to the readers.

Sit back, relax and start your rhythmical journey.

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From the

The Super Juniors


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The Super Junior's are back....

The Super Juniors are back.

There is always an adventure around the corner when the Super Juniors get together.


Join Rachel, Samarth, Twirlina and Cambolina, as they travel around the world solving mysteries and helping people in need.


The adventures are risky, dangerous and even spooky at times.

As they grow older, their adventures become more daring.


Will they be able to escape the challenges this time?

Or will they finally meet their match and be unable to solve the puzzles that lie ahead?

About the Author

In 2019, Sajini Varadharajan published her first book, ‘The Super Junior Series,’ which is sweet, fun and action packed. Her characters are clever, fearless, kind and humble. 

She has her own YouTube Channel under her name where she publishes her own short stories and poems for young children. She aspires to be an ecologist and wishes to open a school named, “Dream and Create School” with branches in almost every country on the globe.

When she is not writing on her desk, Sajini spends most of her time reading and narrating stories which gives wings to her imagination and creativity. She loves playing on her keyboard and coding on her computer as well.

She yearns to spread kindness, peace, harmony and human values through her writing to make the Earth a wonderful place to live in!