Published Author of 2 books

By Samaira Kalia

The Friends &

Mystery of the Dragons

The Adventures of

Lilly and Feather

The Friends & Mystery of the Dragons

In a far distant land, there was a dark, deep forest with the most exquisite mango tree.It was sought after by all of the animals in the forest. After a report in the local newspaper, the Wood’s Express, of a fierce dragon stealing all of the mangoes from the forest, the animals banded up together to confront the fierce dragon. What will they find on their search of the fierce dragon? Will they stop it from taking their mangoes?Or will they discover something about themselves and their treasured forest instead?

The Adventures of Lilly and Feather

Lilly was a kind but shy unicorn. Lily also had magic. Lily wanted desperately to go to Rainbow Valley, for tastiest fruit in the entire world grew there. One day, Lily met Feathers, a beautiful, tall, bright and ombre coloured and smart phoenix. Lily and Feathers venture into the forest where they helped each other through some troubles, feasted on incredible goodies and eventually built a beautiful house in the forest. Most importantly, they learnt about what friendship meant to them. A beautiful tale of friendship and kindness.

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