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The Bat Conspiracy
- The Beginning -

Written by
       Samiya Saadaat

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After being accepted into the prestigious Northridge School for Girls, twins, Tina and Tanya, farewell their non-indulgent father and prepare for a year of boarding school. Northridge is exciting for Tina and Tanya, full of exciting friendships and even a little conflict amongst rivals.

What the girls didn't expect though, was to stumble across some secrets of the past, involving their mother, who died years before. and a fantasy world that reveals more than magic and fairy tales.


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About the Author

Samiya is an enthusiastic Dubai-based ten-year-old living in the United Arab Emirates with her parents and two siblings. Samiya is the youngest of three children. Although born in the UAE, she has is originally from Pakistan, has a strong connection and love for her home country and visits Pakistan often.


At school, Samiya’s favourite subject is English and she is passionate about her writing and reading. In her spare time, she also loves to play netball and keep active. Samiya loves to venture into a world of fantasy (imaginative play) with her sister, with her cat, and of course, she loves to spend time with her family.


Unearthing the Secrets of the Past - Tina & Tanya’s Quest -

Samiya’s enthusiasm for her writing shines through her learning, and her creativity and imagination is revealed through this fantasy adventure-based story, highly inspired by what Samiya reads. Upon leaving school, Samiya hopes to study to become a journalist.

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