"Kindness in the Kingdom"

By Sanaaya Patel

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It was a beautiful day in the animal kingdom.

Cindy the giraffe was on her way home when she came across some

animals very much in need of help.

Without even hesitating, Cindy helped her friends, but for some reason,

Cindy still felt a little sad.

Come on a beautiful journey with Cindy as she helps her friends and finds happiness in doing so.



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-coming soon-

About the Author

Sanaaya is a thirteen year old dubai-based Author and Student.


With a love for reading and writing, Sanaaya has always wanted to publish and share her love for literature, creatively. 


At school, Sanaaya’s favourite subjects are English, Design Technology and Maths and in her spare time, Sanaaya loves to hike, play piano, run, and to spend time with her family and their dog.


When she leaves school, Sanaaya desires to continue publishing and to also study architecture. To make the world a better place, Sanaaya believes in helping the less advantaged and to help solve the issues of subtle or direct racism and it’s negative impact in society.