"Disability in Disguise"

By Sarah Mohamed

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Flora has a clear disadvantage. She is deaf. 

But despite her challenges, she was blessed - or cursed -

with a unique and special gift. She just doesn't know it yet.

A sketchbook - A pencil and a supernatural talent and the world around her changes...

Will Flora uncover the mystery behind her sketchbook and

will she find any joy in what she creates?

Join Flora on her adventure when pencil meets paper and creates magic.

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About the Author

Sarah is a fabulously imaginative ten-year old writer based in Dubai. She enjoys writing short stories.


Sarah's favourite subjects at school are English, PE and Music. She loves to swim and cook, and she is also a huge football fan.


Amongst many of her achievements, Sarah won 1st place in the heat of the Hamdan Swimming Competition in Dubai recently. When she leaves school, she may become a professional swimmer.


To make the world a better place, Sarah would raise awareness of the true importance of our planet’s well-being through creating a safer and cleaner place.