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"The Parallel World of Nature"

Written by
Sasha Rastogi

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In a world far away filled with magical and mythical creatures, harmony and peace ruled the land.

Some trees in this parallel world held a special connection with the planet and how the world was taken care of. Their universe was filled with nature.

One day when a curious beautiful snake ventured out to gather food for her family, she came across a mysterious portal that transported her to a new land; at least a new and unexplored land, to her kind.


Will she be able to return to her own land,

or will she be stuck in another land without a way to get home?



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About the Author

Sasha is a ten year old Dubai-based Author. Her family is originally from India and she has a fabulous imagination and sense of creativity that is evident through her writing. 

In her spare time, Sasha enjoys reading, writing, playing tennis and playing with her sister, and at school, Sasha’s favourite subject is Mathematics.

To make the world a better place, Sasha would encourage people to help and save animals and care for the Earth. 

“We only have one living planet,”

             - Sasha Rastogi

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