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"Nine Windows Into
         Different Realms"

By Shakira Jahan Haque

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Enter a realm of of imagination and wonder with this collection of diverse and entertaining stories.

Can you handle the twists and turns of these nine gripping stories?


The Lone Survivor

Bailey’s Inspiration for Singing

Hot Air Balloon

The Kindness

Maria’s New Life

The Flood in the Bathroom

The Cookie Sabotage

The Cursed Castle

The Dream

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About the Author

Shakira is a seventeen year old charismatic young Bangladesh-based Author. Shakira’s love for stories began a long time when she was still a young girl in Grade 5 where she spent hours and hours reading wonderful books. They took her on fantastic adventures to mysterious and faraway lands.

Reading enhanced her imagination and inspired her passion for writing.

At school, Shakira’s favorite subjects are History and English and in her spare time, she loves to read and spend time with her family.

When she finishes school, Shakira wishes to study Law and become a Barrister, and to make the world a better place, she believes in people reading and learning to their utmost potential.

Reading has changed Shakira’s vision on many things. When she is in the middle of a story, she feels the fear, excitement or joy that the character in the story feels. She wishes for all to experience this.

“People can discover unfamiliar worlds through writing. There is nothing quite like a wonderful book to transport us into a whole different world and provide us with some temporary relief from the one we live in. I believe, with my writing I will be able to live my own fantasy of the world.”

- Shakira Jahan Haque

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