Strength Within: A Story of Courage

By Shan Romeo Chauhan


After his strange interaction with a mysterious old man at the mall,

Kobe is left puzzled and in possession of a paranormal looking pendant.

Despite his love and passion for Taekwondo, he struggles with his confidence, particularly, as his Black Belt Test was fast approaching. Kobe felt unsure of his abilities and feared that he would fail his biggest soul-defining test to date.


Upon witnessing an awful bullying incident at school and failing to intervene and stand up for his best friend, Luka, Kobe feels immense guilt, wondering if he can ever make it right.  Mysteriously, Kobe is transported into another world, where he finds himself challenged once again.

Does Kobe pass his Black Belt Test ?

Will he find the courage to stand up for others who cannot find the courage themselves?

About the Author 

Shan is a 9 year old who lives in Dubai.  

He is mad about football, Harry Kane and is a devoted Spurs fan. 

Shan is a Taekwondo Black Belt and trains at Phoenix Academy.

At school, Shan loves Maths, English and Drama. When he leaves school, he would like to become a footballer. 

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