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"Ten, Not Out"


Written by
Shivay Kedia

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Follow Shivay's fascinating and rewarding journey through the world of cricket in his heartfelt book.

From his deep passion for the game to his personal growth, discover the highs and lows as Shivay shares his love for cricket and his inspiring journey of self-improvement.

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About the Author


Shivay is a dedicated student with a passion for Mathematics, finding joy in solving complex equations and unravelling mathematical puzzles. His enthusiasm for the subject shines through in his academic pursuits, where he eagerly embraces new challenges and seeks to expand his knowledge.

Beyond the classroom, Shivay shares a special bond with his mother in the kitchen, where they delight in cooking together. He takes pride in preparing Sunday breakfast for his family, showcasing his culinary skills and bringing joy to the dining table with his homemade creations.


In addition to his love for cooking, Shivay treasures moments spent with his younger brother, engaging in playful activities and nurturing a strong sibling bond. 

He values family time and enjoys bonding over games of chess and other board games, where he demonstrates his strategic thinking and enjoys friendly competition.

Despite his academic and recreational pursuits, Shivay harbours dreams of pursuing a career in professional cricket, aspiring to represent his country on the international stage. His passion for the sport drives him to dedicate himself to rigorous training and hone his skills on the field. 

However, amidst his aspirations, Shivay is deeply moved by the plight of homeless children he encounters on the streets. He feels a profound sense of sadness at their plight and longs to make a positive difference 

in their lives. With a compassionate heart and a desire to help those less fortunate, Shivay dreams of a future where every child has access to safe and secure housing, and he hopes to play a role in making that vision a reality.

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