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"The Mystery of the Golden Tome"

Written by
Siddharth Ajith

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Sam and Dennis are being pursued by difficulty that is following them closely. The safety of their families is at risk due to the actions of an unknown criminal who committed a terrible crime by killing Dennis' father when he was an infant. The responsibility falls on Sam and Dennis to learn and hone their magical skills in order to protect and rescue their loved ones.


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About the Authors

Indian born, Siddharth Ajith is a United Arab Emirates-based Author currently studying in ninth-grade at DPS Sharjah. In his spare time, Siddharth loves exploring new laptop features, reading, singing and playing guitar.

As someone living and studying in the UAE, Siddharth’s goal is to combat climate change by actively engaging in environmental campaigns and recycling all kinds of plastic and paper. 


In addition, he aims to address the issue of inadequate access to quality education

for children globally by creating his educational videos on his YouTube channel,

'World of FAQs'. 

Furthermore, by hosting E-Safety workshops, Siddharth also aims to raise awareness about online safety and how to prevent cyber-bullying. His passion for technology reflects his drive to make a positive impact in the world.

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