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"Caley's Dress Mess!"

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Written and Illustrated by
                  Sienna D'Mello


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Caley was having a fabulous day!
She was so excited to go to a birthday party in her brand new dress, but disaster struck when she spilt fruit juice all down the front of it.

Caley is hopeful about how she can fix her new dress. But will her idea work?

Will Caley be able to ever wear her new favourite dress ever again?


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About the Author


Sienna is a seven year old Dubai-based Author who loves to read and create highly imaginative stories. Sienna has dreamed of writing and publishing her own book for so long, and she has always wanted to become an Author.

At school, Sienna loves Science and PE, and in her spare time, she loves to read, write stories, draw and create riddles for her mum and dad. Some of Sienna’s hobbies include playing piano, ukulele, swimming and sports.

When Sienna grows up, she believes that she may become a paleontologist. 

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