Suspicious Sports Day

By Siya Parshotam

Leah, Sorcha and Maya suspected that something suspicious was happening in school principal's office, after teachers were mysteriously being called up to his office.


Little did they know that when they went sneaking into the principals' office, they would stumble across a secret that would change their entire school's sports day and regional competition forever.


Join Leah, Sorcha and Maya on their brave super sleuth adventure as they discover the secret and try to save sports day.

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About the Author

Siya is a nine year old living in Dubai who loves to play outdoors, draw, sketch and paint. 


At school, Siya’s favourite subjects are STEAM and Social Studies and she enjoys playing piano in her spare time.


When Siya leaves school, she wishes to explore the world and become a “Painting Explorer’ 

where she can paint what she sees.  Through her artwork, Siya hopes to change the world by creating

awareness of world pollution.