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"The Troublesome Two"

Written by Smayan Sethi

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What a peculiar trip!

Charlie and Maine Minto were fortunate enough to live close to nature during the summertime. However, their parents, professional and hard-working, were in desperate need of a holiday.

The two children had no idea about what was to come.

An SUV, a long road-trip and a chaotic succession of blunders will see the Minto family second guess their navigating abilities and their capacity to maintain harmony within the family unit, in what they believed was to be a simple and adventurous driving holiday.

Will they make it the Northern Ferry on time?

Or will their family road-trip be a disaster waiting to happen?

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About the Author

Smayan is a ten year old Dubai-based Author.

He has aspired to write and publish his own book for a long time. Smayan loves to read, with some of his favourite books being ‘Oliver Twist’ and ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’.  


At school, Smayan’s favourite subject is English and History and he particularly loves to learn about wartime and how civilians are impacted during conflict.  



Smayan loves to eat Indian food with some of his favourite dishes being chapati’s,

lentil soup, curries and rice.  

Smayan’s other favourite hobbies are reading, and playing the violin and the piano. Being quite the talented musician, Smayan would make the world a better place by playing music and spreading happiness.

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