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"Space Exploration: 
                The New Renaissance

Written by
              Sofia Faghihy


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We all know about the Renaissance Era - a handful of seemingly insignificant-looking old men making groundbreaking discoveries, writing world-changing books, and creating art that had never been seen before. But the rebirth of Ancient Greek and Roman culture between 1300 and 1600 CE is not the only Renaissance to have occurred on our planet. 

The New Renaissance began in the 1950s with the dawn of the Space Race. This was the rebirth of mankind's renewed desire for knowledge and understanding of the universe around us beyond theoretical calculations and observations. Space exploration has enabled mankind to fulfil this desire using advanced technology that outdoes every other sector's development in complexity, impact, and research value. 

This is an analysis of some of the most pivotal topics involving space exploration technology, space sciences, and astrophysics in the New Renaissance, told from the frame of reference of a young (also seemingly insignificant, yes, but passionate) space enthusiast and author.


Space from the perspective of the unspoken.




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About the Author

Sofia Faghihy is a 15-year-old author and budding aerospace engineer with a passion for space sciences, astronomy, and space exploration technology. She first developed her interest in this field through a video tour of the ISS which she watched in the seventh grade, and has since attended a plethora of conferences, competitions, training sessions, and courses in order to broaden her horizons of knowledge. 

In her spare time, Sofia enjoys reading, astrophotography, playing the violin and piano, and cooking international dishes. 


Upon graduating, Sofia aims to study aerospace engineering and intends to pursue a career in the space industry, particularly wth the focus on achieving her ambitious dream of working with NASA. 

Sofia wishes to have a wider impact on the world through her literary works and her future involvements in the space exploration sector. By contributing to the space sector and the development of technology as a whole, Sofia sees her role and support in general advancement of the human race while solving problems that threaten our survival, as just as important as her personal ambitious endeavors.

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