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"From Poverty to Power"

Written by Suvir Samnani

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We in society celebrate some of the finest football players in the world for their sporting abilities and dedication to their game. This book celebrates the mutual theme amongst the success of such players, but moreso, the adversities that they each had to face in their early lives.

All of these players endured challenges and sacrifices, as they were devoting their lives to a sport that required immense dedication. Through commitment, support and self-belief, they overcame difficulties and achieved success in many areas of their lives.

I have read, researched and learned so much about each of these players. Not only did I learn more about their accomplishments, but I discovered more about their early lives and what motivated them to achieve greatness in their field of sports and careers.

- Suvir Samnani

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About the Author

Suvir Samnani is a ten year old Dubai based young writer and football enthusiast. Suvir has spent years studying and following many of the brilliant footballers careers.


With his research and knowledge, Suvir dreamt of compiling a book that showcased many footballers who faced struggles in their lives, only to be rewarded with incredible and successful careers and lives.


In his spare time, Suvir loves to play cricket and football and when he leaves school, he dreams of becoming a professional footballer.

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