"Mermaid Lagoon"

Written by
              Thalia S. A.

Illustrated by Ann. J.


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Mermaid Lagoon is a place full of wonder, mystery and secrets. A place where the most magical things can happen. Is it for real... or just a myth?

Called upon by a great power, Lilly and her friends leave their normal lives to embark on a daring adventure to a mysterious but special school in the middle of the ocean, Ocean Academy.
But when they get there, a whole mystery begins to unfold!

Will they discover some clues in order to track down a legendary object;

An object that is rumoured to be powerful enough to save the seas...
and the world beneath it!

Along with the ancient artefact, can they figure out who is trying to stop them- and why?
Splash in the sea with Lilly and her friends as a sneaky spy tries to ruin their plans for victory.
Like the fictional sea creatures in this magical story, we must use our powers to save our oceans and all that live within.

They need us now- more than ever! Let us be their heroes in protecting them and their future.

You can follow Thalia's creative journey on..

Website: www.thaliasa.com

Facebook Page: Thalia S. A.

Instagram: misst_masterz

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About the Author

 Thalia S. A. is a young author, who was born in Manchester, England. 


She loved being read aloud to when she was a baby. She has developed a great passion for reading,

apparently even chewing and eating her board books at around six months old.

Thalia’s mum discovered that she could read at the age of three, when she was reading out loud,

the title of Peppa Pig series on the television

(perhaps too many words from the board books had been digested into her tummy, LOL). 

Growing up in Warwickshire, Thalia is an avid reader and has won many drawing and writing competitions. She has been awarded by her school for consistently being a positive role model,

extremely polite and a fabulous reader! 

Some of her writings were published in anthologies alongside thousands of children from all over the United Kingdom by Young Writers.

Thalia S. A. enjoys doing voice overs with her cute little brother. She has been recording VO’s for explainer videos, product ads, e-learning projects, narration and many more. 

In addition, she likes art, cycling, playing squash, swimming and baking with her mum. She hates mathematics but is very grateful to have an engineer father who is a maths genius that makes her feel that maths is like magic!

Determined to aspire others through her books, Thalia inherits writing talents from her mother,

who was once a young author (and also the partner illustrator for this particular book),

her late grandfather Jamaludin D., who was a prolific poet and her grandmother, 

Ramsiyah Amir who is an author. All of which come from Malaysia.