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LOST ANGEL and other stories

By Tiana Dora Nongkhlaw

A beautiful collection of stories and poems by Tiana.


Lost Angel, The Friendly Dragon, The Cat with No Tail,

Mr. Muscle, The Toymaker and poems, Oh! Ticking Clock and The Green Banana

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About the Author

Born on 2nd January 2011 in Shillong, a small city which is the capital of Meghalaya in North East India, Tiana Dora Nongkhlaw has enjoyed books right from a tender age when her mother would read her bedtime stories. Sure enough, when she was able to read, books became her favourite companions. She would often express her dream of living in a house surrounded with books.

In August 2020, Tiana was able to submit her short story

"Lost Angel" for a creative writing contest, "Your story Counts," organised by The Hive and Young Author Academy.

When the results were announced later that month, Tiana was ecstatic when she heard the news that she was one of the selected winners. 

The book "Lost Angel and other stories," was written and completed in November 2020

under the guidance of Annemieke from Young Author Academy. 

Besides reading and writing, Tiana enjoys singing and crafts, playing games with her brothers, her cousins and friends. She is currently attending Junior School at Loreto Convent Shillong. 

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