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"War of the Worlds: 
The Quest for the Return of the Soul Gem"

Written by Vansh Kheterpal

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In the vast expanse of the cosmos, conflict rages between worlds. The hostile planet, Devlyn, casts its dark shadow, seeking dominion over all, led by its tyrannical Ruler, Evlord.


When the devils of Devlyn descend upon the peaceful planet of Deplin, they plan to strike at the heart of life itself, the Soul Gem, the very essence of Deplin's vitality.

With the fate of Deplin hanging in the balance, will the darkness be overcome by a special force, a foretold saviour or will Deplin surrender and succumb to evil?

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About the Author

Vansh, a nine-year-old with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, finds joy in the intricacies of mathematics, excelling in school while revelling in the challenges of equations and problem-solving.  Beyond the classroom, his days are filled with the excitement of cricket, football, and chess, where his strategic acumen shines bright.

Yet, his interests extend far beyond sports and numbers. Geography and history captivate his imagination, with every spare moment dedicated to exploring the world's wonders. 

His dreams for the future are ambitious and altruistic, envisioning a career as a politician, historian, or cricketer, each path driven by a deep desire to make the world a better place.

At the core of his aspirations lies a commitment to education as a catalyst for change. He envisions a school for the needy, where education becomes a beacon of hope, empowering children to break free from the shackles of poverty and pursue their dreams. In Vansh, the world glimpses a future leader, whose blend of intellect, passion, and empathy promises to shape a brighter tomorrow.

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