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"Time Travellers"

A Journey to Mayan

By Veer Shandilya

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In a chance of fate, two Archeologists become friends and time travel from 2021 to 700AD to a Mayan world where they experience danger, intrigue and emotional experiences. 

Will they return safely or will they be trapped in the Mayan Civilization forever?



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About the Author

Veer is a ten year old Dubai-based Author, originating from India. He has aspired to write and publish her own book for a long time. I am a foodie, specially spicy and tangy taste.

Veer is a quick learner with an eye to detail and he loves out-door activities. Although he is a little reserved with new people, to friends he is fun to be with.

Veer studies in Grade Six at “Royal Dubai School” in Dubai. There he has been blessed to have remarkable teachers who have contributed in his life immensely to become who he is today.

Veer is extremely close to his family and can’t imagine a day without seeing them everyday. They are the source of energy, positivity and motivation in his daily life and they are the biggest support system that one can ever wish for.

Veer is aspired to do well academically so that he can go to the University of his choice. After University, Veer sees himself pursuing a career in the field of Technology mainly. Though other things like sports and music will always be an inseparable part his life.

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