Never Alone

By Vicky Nedyalkova

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She was falling deeper and deeper, no ground was beneath her feet. Waking up in a strange, eerie looking room, Emma found herself in the hands of her master.He had no good intentions. Taking over the world was one of them. Emma and her lab mates now have to find a way out of the so-called inescapable laboratory before he finds them and they fall into the plans of his wicked scheme. But... in an unfortunate turn of events, Emma now has no way to escape, and all hope is left with her friend...

Never Alone FRONT Cover Vicky Nedyalkova
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About the Author

Vicky is ten years old and lives in Dubai, UAE.  

With a love for creating and writing, Vicky enjoys writing stories and most of all loves to finish and accomplish things that she has been working diligently on for a long time. This book is a testament to Vicky’s focus, creativity and effort over the summer of 2020. 

In her spare time, Vicky loves to meet with her friends, read books, write, paint and play the piano. At school, her favorite subjects are English and Science. 

When she leaves school, Vicky hopes to continue her publishing journey by publishing more books. She also aspires to become either a Vet, animal rescuer or an Actress.

To make the world a better place, Vicky would inspire people to be kinder towards everyone. She believes the world be a much better place if we helped those in need, kept our environment protected and clean as possible, and cared more about all the living things on the planet.