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"Who Are You?"

A teenage guide to navigating life and tuning the noise.

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Written by
              Viha Kedia



Being a teenager, it’s easy to lose sight of ourselves. I struggled with the goal of being ‘the best version of myself’, and often researched how to be the ideal teenager. Of course, there are books, articles and videos on this saying things like ‘don’t do drugs’, ‘do your homework’- the usual. But what about from a more realistic point of view, say, by someone who is actually going through these hurdles and experiences right now?

You will see the words ‘realistic’ or ‘practical’ popping up in this book quite a lot. This is because there are many ways of being successful and optimizing your life for the most efficient outcomes, written by people more qualified than me. However, life is not perfect and neither are we, therefore it is infeasible to try and do this.

Instead, we should hope to learn from experiences to see what works and doesn’t for each of us and learn to strike a balance, whether it be between work and play or personal and professional life.

A lot of the questions and topics I discuss, you can probably google yourself. However, this book aims to ask the right questions, examine the important topics in order to ensure those reading are proactive, and able to be successful in coping with the numerous challenges that our generation faces.

Rather than relying on monotonous, often inapplicable internet articles, the challenges and solutions will be derived from experiential knowledge, giving the readers actionable methods to identify and solve them.


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About the Author

I’m Viha, and currently, I am 16 years old, navigating my way through life just like every other teenager. Through my own experiences, I want to help other teenagers around me to gain the ability to think in a reflective way about challenges that arise.


Being a teenager, it’s easy to lose sight of ourselves. I struggle with the goal of being ‘the best version of myself’, and often research how to be the ideal teenager. This book is not life-changing. There is nothing in the book that you probably don’t already know. However, I do know that each chapter will give you the answers you are looking for when it comes to these challenges in your life.


If the words make you say 'this is what I needed to hear', this book has accomplished its mission!

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