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Shrivelled Life

By Anita Mirshamsi

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Being a stray is no easy feat. Having to live on the streets, defending yourself and feeling unloved by the humans make for a lonely existence compared to the loved domestic types. This was Amber's realism, until she was thrust into a world of chaos, constant fear of other creatures and human interference. Her new world of alliances, power and strategy drove her new gang to ponder their own destiny.

One thing kept them focussed .....The prophecy that, "Two shall become none."

What did that even mean?

Will they ever find out?

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About the Author

Anita is eleven years old with an intensely creative imagination. An avid reader and equally passionate writer, she also loves to draw and sketch.

At school, Anita’s favourite subjects are English, Chemistry and Biology. 

In her spare time, Anita loves to watch wildlife documentaries and adventurous movies. She also loves to play tennis and the piano.

Upon finishing her school studies, whatever path Anita chooses, she would also like to continue her journey in writing and publishing books. To make the world a better place, Anita and her family volunteer in the community to keep their neighbourhood clean. She believes that it is very important to recycle and to protect nature. 

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