Welcome to our Creative Writing Workshops

5-Week Programme


In this 5-week Programme, 

your Child will attend Workshops

and Publish their Book 

3,100 Dhs+

"Big Writes"

Join our 4-hour (morning) "Big Writes" where your 'young writer' writes a short story on the day and has their story published in a compilation book.

Each young writer receives a copy.

350 Dhs 

Writing Workbooks


Purchase our

Creative Writing

Workbooks here 

45 Dhs

What do we do in a Writing Workshop?

During a Writing Workshop we:

Brainstorm and create a Story Ideas 

(through Bubble Brainstorming)

Create (in Depth) Characters

and bring them to life through discussion

Learn 'The Writing Process'

and how to develop a story and its theme

Create and enhance Story Exciting Moments 

Story Climax and 'turning points'

Create and Continue the Story

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